Wearing makeup to a job interview? Alright! Some blush and mascara to a bachelorette party? Good! And maybe some hot red lipstick on a date? Fine! But not leaving the house without makeup because one feels ugly bare-faced? Definitely NO.  This idea can not only become very exhausting. It is, furthermore, a totally wrong attitude. Your real beauty, and the one that is important to find the man of your dreams, comes from the inside Ladies!

The following 5 tips will help you to (re)discover your beauty from the inside!

 1) Stay hydrated

Coconut water keeps you hydrated

One of the most important things that I can tell you right here is to drink enough water! 60 % of our body weight comes from water.  Experts suggest drinking 11 cups of fluid every day (including water from fruit, beans, even sandwiches). Of course you can also drink tea or juices, just be careful not adding extra sugar to it and if possible, dilute your juice with some water. That way you can make sure that extra calories stay out of your body. The positive result will be a young looking skin, no headache, feeling an overall fitness due to the flush-out of unhealthy toxins and a good digestion, just to name a few.

My personal tip: coconut water. It`s fat-free, all-natural, super- hydrating and nutrient-packed. Mmhh sooo good!


2) Workout

Chest workout to help posture

Women who work out, stay in shape and are also rated to be more attractive by men. No one expects you to lift heavy weights. I agree a woman has to stay true to her looks and too many muscles would remind me of a man rather than a sexy lady. But jogging/cycling outdoors or a yoga or zumba class in the gym is something every woman can do. It´s fun and you get to know many other people who might eventually become your friends. Set a goal and don`t give up when your muscles are sore. You`re on the right track. Just keep going girl!

My personal tip: chest excercises. Due to a better posture and an uplifting breast, you will feel more self-confident and even slightly taller than before.


3) Eat healthy


Eating burgers and fries, ice-cream, pizza, burritos, bacon,…..I could continue this list for hours…. is not almost nutrient/vitamin-free and therefore not good for our system, it can also make us feel sad and depressed (among other reasons, of course). Instead try to cook as much as possible with healthy oils ( my fav. is olive oil), little sugar and few carbohydrates, and many fresh vegetables and organic chicken or fresh fish. Once you get used to it and your body fully recovers from all the toxins  you seriously won`t want to eat anything but fresh and healthy.

Last but not least this option will save you a lot of money and you can rather spend it on some nice new pair of high heels.


4) Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Having a glass of wine or champagne is not necessary killing you but remember: It`s definitely affecting your health and body, causing serious problems to your liver, brain, immune system, and heart. Don`t overindulge and know your limits! If you smoke, just think about that: You do not only damage your own health and body but other people, who are forced to smoke passively, are affected by it as well, without even being actual smokers. Your skin, your teeth, basically everything suffers under your addiction. Stop it and notice how fit you actually are without it!



5) Smile and be happy!


Next time when you get sad think about this: You don’t own all the problems in the world. Be positive! What made you recently laugh so hard that your belly started to hurt? Think about the feeling you had then. Don`t forget to set goals to make your day productive and your mood a little better. Meet friends, watch a funny comedy, enjoy good food or dance the night away. Whatever makes you happy, do it! You´re never too old for anything, and as long as it feels good, there`s no wrong or right anyway!

Most important:  Be confident and optimistic in everything you do, cause if you are at peace with yourself and therefore truly happy, other people will immediately notice it too and you will literally shine  bright like a diamond.

At this point I`d like to quote Miss Gaga, who has always known:

 It`s definitely my new mantra, what about you?

Do you have any further tips for a beauty from the inside?