It’s Valentines Day and for some of us it’s about spending some special moments with the ones we love. For others we’ll be waiting patiently flipping through romantic comedies and watching our Twitter feed get jammed with Valentines Day hoping this day comes to an end.

Whatever team your own, seize the day and do what you love. In the spirit of giving and receiving we have all decided to share what we want and the gifts we move love to give on this day.






My Valentine’s Day wishlist  French macarons. I love chocolate but I crave macarons all the time. The combo of the two would be heaven actually. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift to give: I like to cook so it’s a gift to basically everyone; friends, family, and boyfriend. Valentine’s Day or not I still like to make food or desserts. I usually put more theme to it depending on the holiday.



I have always wished for a massive arrangement of light pink roses for Valentine’s day. I think it’s because they represent something light, sweet and romantic. My favorite gift to give for Valentine’s day is cards. As a writer, I enjoy telling  loved ones how much I appreciate them and love notes spread always cheer.




My Valentine’s Day wish list: Bouquet of my favorite Spray Roses and a book from one of my favorite writers. (Fitzgerald, Bukowski, Murakami, Plath, Angelou, Neruda, etc) That’d be really sweet.

My favorite Valentine’s Day gift to give: I’d say cooking but I still have a lot to learn. So instead, I’ll just make a DIY mini scrapbook that consists of poems/prose/letter and substantial photographs.



Making dinner for your loved one would be an amazing gift for Valentines day as I love cooking. I would also buy him a special gift that I know he would enjoy.
Then I would like to watch a movie and relax.  

What is your dream Valentines Day Gift? And what is your favorite thing to give?