There is so little known about the Quechua-Shuar tribe living in the Amazon rainforest , a tribe of indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru. If you take a deeper look at the Shuar tribe, you`ll discover that this tribe has always been very fearless. In the past, when a war broke out between the different tribes, the Shuar tribe used to hunt the heads of their enemies and shrink them. This kind of collecting trophies is fortunately not practiced anymore and became illegal.  But what stayed and survived throughout the years was the traditional work division between men and women of this mystic tribe. And so the men continued hunting, while the women used their time to work in their gardens and explore new ways to stay beautiful and attractive. Now over more than twenty years ago, one secret was shared by the tribe women with the American stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin…it`s the magic of the Rahua nut.


Once the men climb the trees and bring down the Rahua nuts, only women are allowed to produce this luxurious oil. They even stop consuming salt for this ritual one day in advance, believing this will make the oil become more nutritious. The cooking process can take up to one month.

What Llinguin found out after using the Rahua oil on his clients, was that his clients`hair became smoother and stronger, short hair began to grow faster, irritated scalps were soon calmed and those who dyed their hair could noticably see their colour still being vibrant and shiny, even after several weeks.


After using the Rahua oil on his clients, was that his clients`hair became smoother and stronger.

I wouldn`t say it if I hadn`t tested it on myself but the product series of Rahua, is indeed working its magic on my hair and I`m so grateful for this. The product range is wide.. from Shampoos over Conditioners to Hair Masks and Elixirs.. everything your hair desires.

I tried out the Rahua Finishing Treatment. I use it every time after washing my hair. Just a dab is fine. It´s also a perfect heat protector so save your money on your usual “toxic” products. This one works without harsh chemicals as it is 100 % gluten-free and 100 % organic, free of parabens and sulfates and, last but not least, vegan.

The Rahua oil deeply penetrantes my dried out hair ends, leaving them smooth and moisturized, something I seriously needed after giving my hair an ombré-look last summer as well as several blowouts, harsh combing and so on and so on…I`m sorry!!

The smell is, indeed, very organic ( Palo Santo – “holy wood” is Rahua’s sognature scent) so don`t expect some flower-like perfume, the Rahua nut has its own precious and luxurious smell, working like an aromatherapy on you and your hair.

Other important ingredients are

  1. Quinoa, Green tea leaf extracts( protects you from damaging UV-rays), and
  2. Raspberry leaf extracts, which are known for their many nourishing antioxidants.

The only downside of this luxurious product is the price ( 2 oz. Rahua finishing treatment cost $ 45). But …fact is that Llinguin, together with his wife Anna Ayers, continues to travel to the Amazon rainforest, to not only buy the Rahua oil from the Quechua-Shuar tribe as well as other nutritious oils from Achuar and Waorani women but also proceeds his humanitarian work right there i.e. teaching them about successful trade practices, human rights issues etc.


I decided to support this and thus continue to buy Rahua products. What about you? Have you tried it already? Tell me what you think about it!

Here is where you can buy Rahua Finishing Treatment & Co. Make sure to follow Rahua on Facebook or Twitter, and now let the Ritual begin…