Entering the world of beauty blogging starts out exciting and wonderful because you get to discuss your favorite brands, makeup looks, rituals and original ideas. You get to regurgitate about beauty to an audience that understands your feelings. It feels comforting and as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders but what happens after the honeymoon?

Let’s be honest, after a couple months of blogging, reviews can get pretty repetitive and so can ideas. Looking for new niche on “how wonderful this product is” or “how terrible this foundation is” no longer makes your pen bleed. Also, if your fan base is keeping their comments to themselves, it gets lonely.

What is a beauty junky to do when they love their craft but need to attract some sort of spice?

The only way to truly discover the spice in your beauty blogging is by looking to one of the more seasoned bloggers or vloggers. In this need to “spice” things up, I  observed one of the best and most original vloggers around Youtube… Jessica Harlow.

Here’s what I learned :

1. Dare to be you!


This rule Ms.Harlow prides herself on more than anything else. Throughout her channel she shows her creativity, highs/lows and her imperfections. Your beauty blog should be an extension of who you are as a person. By showing the world her heart she attracts others who want to connect and how similar she is to you.Your story should never be a secret especially if it’s about your passion.

2. Get Real:

Jessica loves to expose her life and that includes her gay best friend.

People mostly go online because they want to learn about how the other half lives and by  sharing your reality  your blog becomes a bit more interesting. I’m not saying to provide an auto biography about who you are but bits an pieces of your life being shown won’t hurt. For example, if you’re on vacay and absent from your blog, a quick post about what’s going on will show your readers that you’re keeping them in mind.

3. Originality


Beverly, Beverly Beverly. Ms. Beverly is a character that this beauty vlogger loves to entertain with. She livens herself up by playing with a personality and being a different person. In other words, remember to always have fun with your blog because it is your platform. This is your beauty blog, meaning your definition of it can be whatever you see as fit. For Harlow, Beverly is her outspoken version of feminine beauty.

4. Themed Days

Jessica Harlow chooses to have “Motivational Mondays’ where she posts videos on inspiring words and positivity. Themed days show a different avenue to a beauty blog and makes people have something to look forward to.  The more original the title and concept is the more attention it attracts. Also, It shows off  more of your personality and another side to your own beauty. Having a variety to your blog spruces things up because it draws your eye on more than just cosmetics and more on subtopics.


Hope these tips were helpful and keep on blogging lovelies.

..and to don’t forget to check out Jessica’s Blog