With the 2014 SoChi winter Olympics here, countries from all over the world are showing their pride and spirit hoping that their nation will bring home the gold medal. But with each nation, brings many different styles and fashion trends. At the opening ceremony parade of nations, we got to see many of those trends on display as each country proudly held their flag up high.

So as we commend them all for competing in these honorable games, some of their outfits were um, let’s such say “different”.


Austrailia Sochi Olympics Fashion

Australia Sochi Olympics Warm Up Suit

Australia looked uniformed in their matching white puffy coats, but the green pants and yellow hats seem a little confusing since there is no green or yellow in their flag. They could have been a lot more festive and creative in representing their country.


Sochi Olympics 2014 Fashion

Germany Sochi Olympics Warmup Outfit

Holy colors! It is safe to say that Germany had the most vibrant outfits in the opening ceremonies. But I commend them for being bold and wanting to stand out from the crowd. They certainly caught the crowd’s attention and made a bold and daring statement with their multi-colored jackets and pants. Hats off to you Germany.


Russia Sochi Olympics Fashion 2014

Russia Sochi Olympics Warm Up Outfit

Is this the Olympics or a Christmas parade? Russia came to the parade of nations in red velvet pants and big fur coats. Although they were dressed appropriately for the chilly climate, maybe something that didn’t look like they just came from Santa’s factory would have been more fitting for the occasion.


2014 Sochi Canada Fashion

Canada Sochi Olympics Warm Up

The Canadians looked great in their all red ensemble. Between their personalized mittens and hats, they were keeping warm while in style. They showed their Canadian pride and made sure everyone knew what nation they were from. And the maple leaf on the inside of their mittens was a nice little touch as well.


2014 Jamaica Sochi Olympics

Jamaica Sochi Olympics Warm Up

Everyone’s favorite bobsled team was showing their nations pride in a simple black on black outfit with a touch of green and yellow. Since the movie, “Cool Runnings”, Jamaica has always been a crowd favorite in the winter Olympic Games. They do not need a fancy outfit to show how happy they are to be in SoChi.


2014 Ukraine Winter Olympics Warmup

Ukraine Sochi Olympics Warmup

Ukraine showed up in some very interesting jackets. Although these coats got mixed reviews, I personally like them. They have a bold pattern and the hint of yellow makes their matching scarves and gloves pop even more. Just make sure not to stare at them for too long or you might get a little dizzy.


USA 2014 Sochi Olympics Fashion

USA Sochi Olympics Warm Up Fashion

As much as it shames me to diss my own country, these sweaters have got to go. Although they would be a perfect choice for a seasonal “ugly sweater party”, I do not think it was the best fashion statement for something as historic and important as the Olympics.

What did you think of these outfits? Were there any other countries that had amazing or not so amazing looks at the parade of nations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!