I’m so in love with the Internet and how it allows anyone to build their personal brand and become a major influencer in the beauty and fashion industry. It’s all about being who you are, being your natural self. What you’ll find out is that there are hundreds and thousands and millions of people who will adore you and become die hard fans.

In the world of beauty bloggers it’s hard not to search for anything related to beauty or fashion without stumbling across a self proclaimed beauty guru spilling all of her dear secrets to help you get that perfect smoky eye. Or finding a mommy blogger sharing her life story about how she’s one fab mom with crazy fab kids and living life to the fullest.

We follow them and they’ve earned our trust. As a result they empower the “BIG” brands and are becoming  a huge factor in why we buy certain things. Speaking for myself, I can’t remember the last time I bought a beauty product before running it through Google and seeing what the YouTube Beauty Gurus had to say about it.

Even when I’m cruising the isle at my Target searching for a new mascara I’m constantly Googling and searching #hashtags for product recommendations and reviews. It’s crazy how much we rely on what other people think. More so it’s awesome to have our sisters out here trying out and giving their honest review so we don’t waste time on products that just don’t make the cut.

So it became apparent to me that it’s no so much the Brands that are important to me anymore…it’s the Blogger.

Let me explain…

Prior to the emergence of Beauty Gurus we relied purely on the product brands and their reputations. They could tell us anything and in more cases we would blindly comply and consume whatever was put in front us, because every one else did. Then one day we realized we could share our experiences using these products and be heard.

Today there’s been a shift, it’s no so much the Brand names you wear or the high end cosmetics you choose to put on your face as it is having these products receive a stamp of approval by one of our favorite online beauty or fashion experts.

Now we’re proud to thrift and being introduced to up and coming and independent designers that we learn about through our favorite YouTube channel. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m excited to see what beauty and fashion brands will be created by our new ambassadors.