As a fashion and beauty writer, I’m always seeking out inspiration from talented individuals and admiring their creativity. I’ll list my favorite DIY projects that I find in difficulty level from easiest to a bit more advanced. Although, these style bloggers are so precise with direction it makes everything feel like a piece of cake.

1. Tie-Front Tank Top

what to do with old t-shirts

I love everything that you can do with an ordinary t-shirt. There are about a thousand ways you can alter it to set a striking fashion statement. This is one of the easiest projects to do and you don’t have to go out your way purchasing anything. Go in your drawer, pick out an old used t-shirt or even a button up to make it into a tie-front tank top, and grab a pair of scissors. With making this, there are tons of style bloggers that have their own rendition of this easy DIY.

Niki’s Notebook     Dollars, Sense, and More     Let’s Get Thrifty

2. Black Toe Pumps

This is Anje’s DIY Black Toe Pump from Made In Pretoria. She’s super artistic and helpful with all your fashion and miscellaneous project needs. In this tutorial she takes the inspiration of style blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific‘s black toe pump and makes it look chic.

In this project, she only lists 4 steps on how to make these lovely color block pumps. Although the material of the shoe is not mentioned in the post, it looks as if it’ll look best with a nu-buck or suede material.


3. Scuba Mini Skirt

Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair and A Spare makes a scuba skirtLast but not least, many of my favorite on-trend DIY fashion projects are by the significant, Geneva Vanderzeil, an author, designer, and the innovative mind behind APairandASpareDIY.  I can’t take my eyes off her “DIY Scuba Mini Skirt” post. Though the project appears to be a bit advanced to some, she sums it down step by step on how simple it can be. My favorite part is the no requirement of sewing any hems or zippers. This skirt is perfect for spring and summer.

Check out more of Geneva’s DIY Project Gallery. She not only makes clothes, but as well as accessories, home décor, and other nifty crafts. You’ll be sure to find several tutorials that will catch your interest.