Beautiful young woman tanning in solarium

“Look tan, feel great”. This is the slogan for many tanning salons across the country. Women are told that if they go tanning, they will not only look more beautiful, but feel more beautiful as well. And what woman would not want that?! Tanning salons are a growing industry with customers starting as young as 13! With this dangerous habit growing each day, it is essential that our readers realize the harm that they are doing to their bodies, just for a little glow on their skin.

Tanning has many negative effects. One of them is eye problems. Believe it or not, tanning can have significant effects a person’s eyesight. Eye cancer, can be caused by too much UV exposure along with conjunctivitis, impaired vision and can even cause eye tumors to develop.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, if an individual gets severe sunburns as a child, or a total of five throughout their entire life, it can more than double their chances of developing melanoma.

At a glance, here are all of the disadvantages to tanning:

  1. Leads to early aging
  2. It can make your skin dry and rough
  3. You can get sun blisters which ultimately increases your chance of getting skin cancer
  4.  Skin discoloration
  5. Eyesight problems
  6. Skin Cancer
  7. It can damage your immune system
  8. It can cause brain damage
  9. It is very costly

And here are the advantages of tanning:

  1. You get tan

Now ladies, in my professional and personal opinion, I would say that getting a glow is not exactly worth the risk of getting skin cancer. But it is your call! There are many people who are frequent tanners that say if they do not go on a weekly basis, they will get nauseous, dizzy, and feel depressed. Although it seems extreme, this happens to many people who over-tan. These reports could be legitimate or all in the tanners head.

With that being said, tanning not only has negative effects on a person’s health, but their brain as well. Research has shown that addictive patterns that tanners have is very similar to those addicted to drugs. The UV light hits a part of the brain that is associated with reward, keeping people coming back for more.

Lavish Spray Tan

Lavish Salon – Organic Airbrush Tanning

If you still feel that you need to have some type of color, there are healthy alternatives for your skin.

  • You can get a UV free tan. A spray tan has no UV rays at all and can last 2 weeks or longer depending on the type of service.
  • Another option is purchasing lotion based tanners at places like Ulta or Walgreens. You can apply generously to your body to give you a UV free tan.
DIY Tanning Lotions

DIY Tanning Lotions

These options are both safe, and affordable. So before you sign up for a tanning package at your local salon, stop and think if catching some artificial rays is worth the harm that you are exposing your body to.