Creating an organized makeup storage area will easily cut down ten minutes in your morning or nightly routine. Searching for that MAC lipstick or L’Oreal liner is much easier when everything has a home.

The first step is to check the expiration dates on all your makeup. You should do this frequently. Using expired makeup can cause breakouts, or even infections in some cases. You probably wouldn’t drink four month old milk so don’t use four month old mascara on your lovely lashes (protect your precious peepers).

Once all of your makeup has a certified approval of being usable, then you begin to separate by product; the shadows with the shadows, the gloss with the gloss and so on. After each corresponding part is in each place you can divide everything by color.

Beautifully Organized shadows by The Frugal Closet

Beautifully Organized shadows by The Frugal Closet


The next step is storage; there are tons and tons of storage options. Pintrest is a great place for DIY options. If you’re a busy beauty, with no time for doing it yourself, stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and even Amazon (online) have awesome storage units and they are usually pretty affordable. ( I got mine for $10! Score!! )

Any true MUA or aspiring makeup artist, knows that makeup is not the lipsticks and shadows. It is also in the tools you use. Cleaning your makeup utensils is crucial. Some girls are partial to old fashion soap and water while others go for organic cleaners. There’s no right or wrong way to do it unless you use a specific material brush set. Certain materials call for a particular cleaner.



I advise a little research before beginning the cleansing process, I would hate for someone to ruin their brushes. The cleaning product bottle will come with instructions but I think it is pretty self-explanatory what to do. Most, if not all, brushes need to dry overnight to be completely desiccated. You’d be surprised how long they need before they can be used again. I recommend getting a case that your tools can sit in during the water removing process. Another tip I recommend is relabeling makeup that has the name of the brand, color, or number coming off. You never know when someone will want to know the exact color or brand you’re wearing.



Happy Organizing!