The idea of eating healthy never sounds fun to anyone. But having a healthy diet does not mean you have to have protein shakes made of grass every morning, it simply means moderating what you eat and changing small things in your daily diet to make you a healthier and more fabulous you!

As much as we all hated our parents nagging us to eat breakfast before school every morning, they were right, it really is the most important meal of the day.  It gives you a kick start on your metabolism keeping it running at a steady pace.  If your metabolism is fast, it allows you to eat a little more as opposed to if it were slow.  As important as it is to eat first thing in the morning, it is just as important to not eat too late either. If you eat past 8 o’clock at night, the food will just sit in your stomach and not break down and digest like it should. Eating too late at night can cause that unwanted muffin top.  And although muffin tops are tasty to eat, they aren’t so tasty to look at.

Substituting certain items in your fridge or cabinet can make you feel and be healthier.



For example, the simple switch of non-fat milk instead of whole milk is a great and easy thing to do, and in my opinion they taste exactly the same.  Adding products that have whole grains or whole wheat is another simple and healthy option.   At all grocery stores you can find things like; whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, whole wheat English muffins, whole grain macaroni and cheese, and even whole grain Goldfish! Yes you saw that correctly, I said Goldfish.


Like the rest of the world, I think I would rather go to the dentist than eat vegetables, but we all need to eat them in order to stay in good physical and mental shape. Veggie chips are made with all natural ingredients and have tomatoes, potatoes, and spinach in them so you are getting a serving of vegetables while enjoy an appetizing snack. Another option is to have a veggie burger.  They are a great replacement for a regular hamburger without having heavy burger meat.

Finally, enjoying veggie pasta is a great choice to get some of your vegetables in for the day.  Some of the ingredients include spinach, tomatoes, and potatoes and tastes just like regular pasta. Eating healthy and creating a great lifestyle isn’t as hard and scary as people make it out to be.  All it takes is a little motivation and a trip to the grocery store and you will be feeling fit and fabulous in no time.

What foods have you swapped out recently for a more healthier version? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments!