Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and from Cameroon, West Africa, Fei Mancho is an ambitious young lady aspiring to become an entrepreneur and buyer for a fashion retailer. Fei has a love for all things vintage and tie-dye fashion, especially making it.

With an eye for creativity, she enjoys taking a whole lot of nothing and creating it into something. She knew that this hobby was only the beginning to her next passion. Within two years of managing her own personal fashion blog, where you can check out here, she decided to test her potentiality and established her very own online store called Fancy Muffin.

“Fancy Muffin focuses on self expression through individual style. Through our online store, we offer a variety of hand picked and reconstructed vintage pieces, along with handmade tie dye attire.”

Fei has no particular designer that she is inspired by but rather embraces her surroundings and the inspiriting beauty from everyday things such as objects, nature, and simply just people passing by. When Fei was younger, she constantly found herself dabbling into DIY projects. It plays a big part of who she is today.

fancymuffin fancymuffin2

“With the tie-dye items that I make, I am turning a blank garment into a colorful piece of art and same goes for the shorts that I make. I am taking well-loved vintage jeans and turning them into trendy shorts. I enjoy creativity so much and to be able to exercise it through fashion, warms my heart.”

Fancy Muffin has become nothing but successful since it opened in August 2013 and with it then gaining a lot of recognition internationally. The products you’ll find are similar to Urban Outfitters (And we all know how on the pricey side UO can be!) but for way better prices you can’t even imagine. To all the fashionistas out there who are into boho chic, retro, and ultra-trendy styles, this is a really cute online shop you must check out.

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Fancy Muffin

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