Peaches and cream? Dark Chocolate? Rich Olive? Sounds yummy, right?

We’re actually thinking gorgeous complexions and not delicious treats (this time). Fashionistas come in an array of shades from light to dark and thankfully so does nude lipstick. A nude lips is the perfect partner in beauty for the always sexy smokey eye.

Transitioning into spring, nude will become a more popular lip color to balance the softer color palettes and styles in the warmer season, as well. A variety of brands have released a rainbow of shades to cater to all colors. Here are a few examples of my favorites!



Tom Ford “Spanish Pink”


L’oreal “Barely Pink”


One of the biggest misconceptions is that nude is the absence of color. False! A light rose tint is still considered flesh tone depending upon the color of your lips. Some people (normally porcelain complexions) are blessed with natural rouge-ish pigmentation on their kissers. Play up the pink by opting for a gloss over top.



NARS “Belle du Jour”


MAC “Jubilee” or “Freckletone”

Creamy caramels and honey hues that blend perfectly into your lips with a hint of gloss create a flawless naked look on medium complexions. Flecks of bronze and gold will make your lips look sun kissed. (And who doesn’t love that?)


nudeVelvet Teddy 2

NYX “Chambord”


MAC “Velvet Teddy Bear”


Barely there browns ranging from café au lait to dark chocolate give deep skin tones a yummy nude lip look. Choose a lipstick with a gold tint to prevent your skin from looking too bland. Not to mention it will compliment any bronzer, making a brown babe beam.

Check out these other shades to find your perfect new lipstick color: What’s your favorite?