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I recently purchased Sephora’s makeup academy palette and Buxom show some skin weightless foundation (in caramel kisses). Both have pros and cons but neither is a terrible product. I can do makeup and have tons of it, but it just sits of storage; shame on me. I used to be an eye shadow, winged eye liner and lip gloss kind of girl (unless it was a special occasion) , but over the course of the past few months I’ve been experimenting more. I also wanted a more polished look. Both products are phenomenal for beginners.


The palette has 72 eye shadows, 28 colors of lip gloss, 7 blushes, 18 cream liners, 3 concealers, an eye primer and a lip primer. It also includes 2 sponge tip applicators, an eye shadow brush, a blush brush, and a mirror. So it is packed full of fun! The color combinations are endless. The portions are small but the pigmentation of the colors is decent. You don’t need a lot, a coat or two is pretty pigmented. The primers are a little stiff , but I haven’t experienced any unwanted creasing on my lids. The concealer is the same as the regular Sephora brand concealer, take that information however you choose. Overall, I think it’s a good buy. I purchased it at a Sephora store for a little over 50 bucks with tax. It is available on the Sephora website for the same price (minus shipping).


The Buxom foundation I fell in love with the moment it touched my skin. I have pretty clear skin (Thank God) so light coverage is perfect for me, with emphasis on the word “light”. This product is literally weightless. I almost forget to take it off because it is so feathery. It can go up to about medium coverage, eliminating most blemishes. It blends well and comes in a quite a few colors. If you can’t find an exact match it can be mixed with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for an exact match. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how bright and consistent my skin looks. I would definitely repurchase.

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Have you tried these products too? What did you think? Comment below!