Ballerinas are known for their beautiful and classy buns, but it takes some sacrifice in regards to what you can and cannot do with your hair.

And keeping your hair all one color is a must; don’t even think about dying it, the natural look is the way to go for ballerinas! Adding an accessory like a headpiece or flower clip is always a nice touch at an audition because it draws the judge’s eyes to you in a positive manner.dancerhair1


Dancers like the Rockettes and Broadway performers usually are found wearing their hair in a classic French twist. This hairstyle provides sophistication and highlights the dancers face. It is a slicked look but very different than a ballet bun as it provides a jazzier style. For dancers in the theater world, it is suggested that they also keep their hair a single color.

You want to stand out, but just not for the wrong reasons.



Hip hop dancers have a completely different look when it comes to their hairstyles. They are always keeping up with the current trends and the hot new look. Right now, hip hoppers are rocking the shaved side of head look. It is not a look most people can pull off, but those with enough swag can rock it out. Jada Pinkett Smith is certainly someone with enough edge who can style this look and make it look great. Her teased hair on the opposite side really completes the entire hip hop look she is going for. Some dancers even add crazy colors to their hair to make them stand out from the crowd even more. Along with their intense hair, hip hoppers make sure they have the moves and skill set to match.

So whether you are a graceful ballerina, or a swagged out hip hop dancer, find the best hairstyle that works for you. Also check out my post all about your personal style as  a dancer.

Are you a performer too? What kinds of hairstyles do you like to wear to an audition or on stage?