So What’s In For 2014?

Let’s get High…Waisted that is


A Fashion trend that will remain this upcoming year is high waisted anything. Any trend that started in the 40s and be revived in the 21st century and this is one that will remain far beyond our years. Also, every girl has seen the benefits of having a synched waist and flaunting a curvier figure. It promotes a healthier build for women and can be suitable for all body types.



The beauty trend that I’m convinced will forever stick around is a neutral eye . To be more precise, I think it will stem from The Naked palette and that my friends will stay for the upcoming year. I say this because whenever there’s a new NAKED palette girls run out to stores to purchase it and its always sold out. I mean who can blame them (us), the colors are super pigmented, smudge proof and wearable for any event. It can be used for day time, night time or any other time.

Why so blue?


I really hope this trend will vanish soon and normally I welcome anything funky in beauty. I mean, I’ve always liked color in my makeup but I don’t think blue lipstick is the way to go. I haven’t seen too many people pull this off unless they were Nicki Minaj or attempting to be in the circus. So ladies please quit these ridiculous color or wait for Halloween.
Leave the cross for Jesus

These leggings have crucified the thighs of many and were resurrected by nobody. I seriously think the only person that wore a crucifix appropriately is Jesus and it was deemed too difficult for him. They were cool for that one week in the summer but now their just tacky and offensive.

So there you have it, this is my in and out list. What trends would you like to see live and totally vanish in 2014. Post your comments!