Being a professional dancer has had a huge impact on my personal style. It has given me confidence that I never would have had if I was not involved in dance. It allows me to let go of all my worries and be in the moment. This has had a positive reflection of my personal style both inside and outside of the dance room.

When I am dancing, my style reflects the genre that I am performing. For example, when I am doing a hip hop routine, I bring out my inner diva and exude a whole new persona than I would not normally have. As you can see from the picture below, I clearly have the attitude of Queen Bey and Rhianna combined when in my hip hop attire all the way down to my combat boots.


If dancing to a ballet or lyrical piece, my demeanor and style of course changes. I wear outfits that make me feel graceful and elegant. For a performance, something like a flowing skirt or top would be appropriate. I love being able to share dance with the world and allow my style to shine through in my attire. Wearing something like this makes me feel brave and not afraid to have a photo shoot in the middle of Boston with hundreds of people staring at me.


So whether my dance wardrobe amplifies my “swag” or makes me feel like I am floating in on a breeze, it is something that reflects my daily style and confidence level. If you are taking yoga, zumba, or dance classes, allow your personal style to shine through. Never lose your sense of self, because dance and movement are all about expressing yourself through your emotions and individuality.

If you are a dancer, what do you wear to dance class or performance? Let me know and we can exchange outfit ideas!