When you want to try a new foundation what do you do?

Go directly to! It’s a neat website that allows you to enter your current foundation  brand and color and it’ll match your color on a ton of other makeup brands.

So this means you can try out a new foundation brand and get your closest color match instantly. This tool is great if you are planning to upgrade your foundation or find a replacement for your current foundation brand but don’t know what color will match your completion.

The website is very simple and fun to use.

Step 1:  Choose Your Current Foundation Brand

In the first column select your foundation brand

(In this example I’ll be trying to find a match for my MAC Studio Fix Foundation)

Screenshot 2014-01-09 12.09.26


Step 2: Choose Product

In the second column where it says “Product” select the exact name of the product you are using from that brand

find your foundation match


Step 3: Choose Your Shade

It the last column where it says “Shade” choose the name of the shade of foundation you want to match from that brand

Screenshot 2014-01-09 12.19.17


Step 4: Find Your Matches

Once you have at least one foundation setup you’ll see a picture of it in the top left corner. You can then click the Blue Find My Matches button. Then it may ask you to setup another brand as well to help give you better color matches. Or you can just skip directly to see your matches

Screenshot 2014-01-09 12.19.40


I’ve  used this program several times before shopping for new foundation and found it to be pretty accurate.

But of course do your own research and have fun trying out new brands of foundation!

Share your tips for finding and matching foundation in the comments.