My favorite colors for this year are inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. I think 2014 will be the year of the horse and they symbolize passion, ferocity and endless beauty. What better color represents all these wonderful adjectives other than Red? Yes ladies, I predict a lot of adaptations of Red and these shades will differ upon season.

Burgundy Kind Of Winter

Rich Burgundy Lip Color

This winter I’ve noticed that women cannot keep their hands off that purplish red. Who can blame them?  The color burgundy initiates what is to come in the upcoming red year because it’s subtle and reflects a bit of moodiness. In other words, the color burgundy captures the drab weather of winter yet is bright enough to illustrate the new season.

Springing Into Magenta

Magenta Dress

Magenta will give the right type of energy that is necessary in spring because it awakens the spirit. The pop of a a bright pink yet reddish color demands a lot of attention. Its the perfect color to shake off the frostbite and smell the peonies.

Scarlet Summers are the best


In the summer I see us committing to a red with a tinge of orange. Specifically the color scarlet because it’s fresh, loud, exciting and more explosive than a primary red. Like the season, scarlet reminds us of summer love and acting more on emotions than reason.

Primary Focus is called for Primary Red

Nars deep rich red maroon nail color

Once the Fall comes the thrill of the summer fades and obligations become our reality. We stick to the basics yet acknowledge the change of temperaments .Thus so, the color that depicts the return to work yet new beginnings is red. We get back to business but like the weather we have glimpses of sunshine and heat waves.