If you are craving a touch of uncommon and a whiff of remarkable to add to your fall wardrobe then check out MrKate.com new Elsie Collection. The collection is very mysterious but bold and edgy all while remaining very sexy. My favorite pieces is definitely the jeweled eye patch that doubles as a necklace. It’s already been called this seasons must have by @StylishWanderer

So whiteout further ado let’s start the drooling session over the new Mr.Kate.com Elsie Collection.


The Geo Diamond 3-In-1 Necklacemrkate-geodiamond

Forest Horizon Cuffmrkate-forestcuff

Treasure Cuffmrkate-treasurecuff

Forcella Ringmrkate-forcellaring

CUILLÉRE Cuffmrkate-cuillerecuff

The Victorian Lace Necklace


The V Hoop Earrings


Treasure Ring


Treasure Ear Cuff


Tiara Crown Ring


Forest Reflection Ringmrkate-forestreflection

The Third Eye Necklace and Headpiece


Marquis Crystal Necklacemrkate-marquicnecklace

Geo Diamond Tennis Braceletmrkate-geodiamondbracelet

Geo and Spike Earringsmrkate-geospike

Geo Diamond Bandmrkate-georing

The Voyager 3-in-1- Necklacemrkate-voyagernecklace

Geo diamond Stud Earringsmrkate-studs

The Timeless Cuffmrkate-timeless

Geo Diamond Cocktail Ringmrkatecocktailring

This entire collection is simply beautiful…what’s your favorite?