Julep Maven Welcome Box


So what’s Julep? It’s a few things, a monthly subscription service called Julep Maven where you get a box every month with nail polish and other beauty goodies. It’s also a great place to shop online and discover new polish colors, beauty products and tips.

I signed up to Julep about 4 months ago and was in love immediately. I was a little hesitant at first to pay $25 a month for polish but with Julep it’s always a fun surprise to see what other bonus beauty products you get.

Signing up is pretty easy; you even get your first month for free, you just pay for shipping which is like $2.99 — you can choose to cancel after that if you decide it’s just not for you. But if you live for polish you probably will convince yourself to try just another month.


So here’s my collection so far; for some reason i get alot of pinks and nudes. Which I don’t mind. Your color choices are based on what monthly Maven package you choose.


Starting from the beginning

  1. Brooke (Purple glitter-ish)
  2. Stefani – Silvery Shimmery
  3. Jennifer – Nude
  4. Clare – Peachy
  5. Mandy – Blood Red
  6. Lauren – Deep Coral
  7. Carly – Pink and Flirty
  8. Claire – Glitter Blue
  9. Susie – Beachy Blue
  10. Susie – Baby Blue almost Minty …probably my fav

If you are thinking about sining up — use my link here to get the promo. Once you start be sure to let me know what colors you get in your first box



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