We remember the times when we were so young that we didn`t have to care about our health or beauty. Why should we have done it, right? Our hair looked voluminous and thick and stress was only a word we knew from older people, like our parents. Unfortunately, Ladies and Gentlemen, time hasn`t stopped.

As we grow older, we notice that stress is a real thing, not only driving us crazy but also causing a massive damage to our health. Our hair, which functions as a kind of barometer,  is probably the most visible sign of our well-being.

Hormones, pills, environmental pollution, aging and emotional stress cause a thinning of our hair. As a result, thin hair is unable to supply the so much needed keratin to the hair follicles. Our hair becomes even thinner and in worst case, is interrupted in its growth. That, however, prevents the heavy metal toxins in our body to draw out in our growing hair, leading to skin and nail problems, depression, headache and even Alzheimer, to name only a few of the long term problems.

Here comes the solution…

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Kazu drew her inspiration from the Japanese scientist Dr. Miyayama, M.D., who she calls to be her Godfather.


Founder Kazu Namise

The three step series includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a scalp treatment. Promising to bring a balance into that hairy disorder the set activates cell regeneration, clears damaging toxins and restores keratin production and follicle health.

Its organic formula contains for example, aloe blend, tannic acids, humic-free fulvic acid known under Fulphyl de M. and many other raw and fresh ingredients. All plants and herbs are raised and cultivated in private gardens and are free of any toxic substances.


Celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Poppy Devingne and Jessica Alba have long discovered Phylias`s beauty and are the brand’s most famous proponents.

Available in selected countries (USA, Germany, New Zealand, UK and Spain) and locations (find your location on and with a price of $130, it`s surely not the cheapest hair product you can get. But it`s definitely worth giving this exclusive product a try.

For all those who prefer online shopping or live in a city/country not listed on the homepage I have some good news: You can also find the products online. Just check out. 

Ladies and Gentlemen!