I’ve always been a firm believer that every single person on the planet is beautiful. It just takes the right person and wardrobe to bring it out. And that’s what I based my styling company on. Helping people find and keep their confidence. I call it my finders, keepers’ philosophy.

Sometimes I feel like my business is more for me than my clients because it brings me so much joy to see them happy. I founded Porchea Londone Styling only a little over two years ago. I started doing closet consultations, then when I took a retail position I fell in love with styling customers and those customers became, my personal clients. I dress people from everything to special events to rebuilding entire wardrobes. I even link with hairstylist and makeup artist for complete new looks.

In addition to styling, I also do modeling part time. I’m only 5 foot 2 inches, so I do mostly print for my fashion designer friends. I would like to do more commercial modeling, but it has sort of taken a back seat to styling but I do enjoy it from time to time.

I can give tips and insider information on modeling if you’re interested. Comment below if so!

One of the other hats I wear is, I am a brand ambassador for a Chicago-based designer dress rental boutique called The Frock Shop. That role entails social media marketing, promotional events, business meetings, participating in stock selection, and photo shoots. I enjoy this project because I’ve learned so much about running a professional business from the CEO Jennifer Burrell. I have met some cool people too.

You have to be your own biggest fan. I tell everyone I meet what I do. And now people refer to me as, the fashion girl. (Those that don’t know my name) When I wasn’t doing this for a living I acted like I was. Confidence and know-how are both important I had business cards, a trendy wardrobe and the lingo of a fashion guru down.

I literally studied my craft, International Academy of Design and Technology class of 2013, major: fashion merchandising.

When I wasn’t in class being taught by working professional I was in the class of YouTube watching girls like DulceCandy87 and Kandee Johnson . I’m still learning. Fashion changes so quickly that I always have to be on my A game.

What are you passionate about? Share your success stories in the comments! Or any questions. I will check back frequently to respond.