1. Get A New Hairdo


When was the last time you wanted to cut your hair? These days most of the girls seem to have long hair. Short hair is sophisticated, plain and simple.

There are so many cool things that I love about Alexa Chung, one of them is her perfect haircut. All that’s needed for styling is a quick run-through with your hands. If you have thought of a new haircut ask your hairdresser if Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle suits your face shape.

2. That Yoga Life


There is not a better way to spend less than $50 than buying Yoga supplies.

What is Yoga? Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and branch of philosophy that originated in India reportedly more than 5,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke, join, or unite. The Iyengar school of yoga defines yuj as the “joining or integrating of all aspects of the individual—body with mind and mind with soul—to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life.”

The ultimate aim of yoga, they claim, is to reach kaivalya (emancipation or ultimate freedom). Most yoga studios and local gyms offer yoga classes that are open to all generations but you can also find a lot of videos about yoga on Youtube. You will need three things 1. yoga pants 2. yoga bra and 3. yoga mat .

3. Polished and Pretty


No one needs a ton of nail polishes Every woman should own a nude, red, beige, black, navy, brown, grey and light pink. You can find them in drugstores or beauty stores.

The brands that I really like are Chanel,NARS,Dior,YSL,Butter their quality is amazing.