Print has been setting fashion directions for decades. It is creative, galvanizing and enjoyable! What’s in store for us this year, you ask?

2014 Fashion Print Trends


Brilliant, isn’t it? Textile designs fulfill so many purposes in our lives. For instance, most people force

themselves to wake up so early in the morning for work (school for students) but the bed just feels

so warm and soft and just so comfortable you’d want to sleep forever in it. But you can’t. So you set

your alarm clock on snooze and it feels like you’ve just closed your eyes in about 3 seconds and your

alarm clocks burst again. Getting up isn’t just the hard part in the morning, you still have to fix your

hair and put on some lip-gloss and pick your outfit! And we, ladies, all know that it’s a daily struggle.

So, why not just pick an outfit that isn’t too bright or too dull or too boring? Textile, honey. Textile

design gives a direct influence on the performance, attractiveness and durability.

Red Valentino S/S 201

Screenshot 2014-02-20 14.04.014


Print is climbing up to a whole new level this year! It has never been more in trend before. I personally choose Red Valentino S/S 2014, what’s your pick?