Spring is one of our favorite seasons, following winter and preceding summer. It’s the time of renewal, rejuvenation and regrowth. It’s the time we peel the atrocious occurrences of the past year off our flesh and walk the earth like fire rising over a horizon – confident and glamorous. We cut the unwanted hem on our dress and continue moving forward. Have you, ladies; have any idea on what to wear this spring?

How about we take a look on our favorite Cara Delevingne’s spring style 2013 and 2014?

Screenshot 2014-01-31 08.50.14


Screenshot 2014-01-31 08.50.29spring 2014 fashion


Screenshot 2014-01-31 08.50.52

Spectacular, isn’t it?

Following the trends doesn’t really matter. What matter is how you dress yourself – how your clothes make you comfortable, and how you carry it with such grace and elegance. What you wear is who you are.

So, who’s ready for quake spring? Do you choose love or lust?