For my 2014 reinvention of style I have decided to flaunt my curves. After a new found confidence and a recent 15 pound weight loss, I feel that its only fair to embrace my figure. By honoring that I plan to wear clothes that are more bombshellesque or maybe I just won’t be so opposed to a crop top.

Here are some of the fashion choices that I’‘ll try in 2014:

Old  Yet New Style
This outfit is the perfect combo of my old yet new style. That’s because I love grey sweat shirts and a little shimmer but the other parts are something new for me. I don’t particularly wear printed leggings because they call too much attention to my legs. As for the scarf, it’s something that I would wear on a day to run a quick errand and never to mix with tribal leggings.

Something New
Another mixture of old meets new would be this floral crop top and open cardigan paired with these skinny jeans. I love floral, blue, skinny jeans and a cardigan but I normally avoid so many fitted items at once. My 2013 rule is either a top with loose pants or vice versa. The top and jeans will show off my curves but the cardigan can be a safety net in case I get timid.

Screenshot 2014-01-07 23.27.11
Lastly, my New Years outfit and the embodiment of new style. The bustier is an item I typically wear underneath blouses, in case I want to pop a button, but the Maxi skirt is another story. The summer escaped before I could wear this skirt and left me sightly disappointed.

This combo shows off more than I’m used to but January 1st is a great time to embrace reinvention.

So how do you plan to reinvent yourself this year. Have you been craving to switch up your style? It’s fun to play with trends and mix up some of the old with a bit of the new. Share you style re-inventions in the comments area.