BEAUTIFUL skin is not a result of purchasing pricey creams and soaps, it`s the result of listening to the needs of your skin and body. Most of the lotions and the creams that you see on TV, cause more harm than bliss as they contain hundreds of toxic elements. Women ( and men) all over the world apply them daily in hope to have a young and attractive appearance. The harsh chemicals, that are often not displayed in bold and capital letters and are actually easy to understand  carry instead Latin terms and are tinily written on the back side of a product. To me it`s just a farce. Really, it makes me angry, no one unterstands what one is actually applying on the skin. All of it eventually goes into our bloodstream causing severe diseases in the long run.

Go back to the roots folks! I can`t tell you enough, that becoming one with nature is not a thing of a meditating Buddha somewhere in Asia, you don`t have to be spiritual for this. All I want from you is you to respect your body.  It´s a blessing and we should protect it, because we only have one health and one body that was given to us. True inner beauty will result in health and this is what it is all about.

So which natural ingrediens can we use to make our skin feel young and pretty? As unique as we are , all of us have a different skin type. To put the skin types into common categories: There are the ones with the oily skin, then again the opposite, a very dry skin, a combination skin ( dry and oily skin) and last but not least there are also some happy people out there who can`t complain at all because they have a pretty ” normal”( balanced) skin.   Still, normal or dry, acne or sensitive skin, everyone needs at least three ingredients in his goodie bag, yap that`s how I call my drawer with Creams & Co, and these are a gentle cleanser, a refreshing toner and last but not least a long-lasting moisturizer.

In the following I will introduce you to my favourites for the different skin types. Check them out!


I found the product line Cleanance from Avène has some very good products for oily and acne-prone skin. All products, that are recommended by dermatologists worldwide, are enriched with thermal water. They are are non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and cruelty-free. You can find them here.

1) Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser


This saopless cleanser( $20) respects your skin( pH 7.2), dimishes bacteria responsible for blemishes and soothes/softens your skin with precious thermal water.

2) Cleanance Toner

cleanance toner


This toner ($18) leaves your skin longer shine free. It purifies and tightens your pores. Make shine a thing of your attitude, not your skin!

3) Cleanance Lotion


Even oily skin needs moisturizers! If you skip on this step, your dried -out skin will send out signals to your body to produce even more oil. That´s not what we want! This light weight, oil-free moisturizer ( $24) provides a long lasting mattification, that lasts and lasts….be sure to leave out your nose area though, the nose usually has enough oil glands.

PS: Mineral powder works better for you, in case you want to hide some spots, it will absorb the excess oil and leave your skin more mattified than fluid make up would.

Extra tips

  • Exfoliate once a week, either with a homemade peeling ( sea salt and olive oil works very well), Cleanance mask         ( $20) or the Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Clearing System. This will free your skin from dead cells and make you ready to hit the next club!
  • Eat food that actually slows down your oil production like carrots and spinach. They are high in Vitamin A, which is necessary for a helathy glow.



Dr. Hauschka, a brand that has been 100 % natural for over 45 years, is certified by NATRUE , a non-profit, international association founded by the Pioniers of natural and  organic cosmetics. Free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances , dyes and petroleum derived synthetics, I chose this brand to be one of the gentlest for dry and sensitive skin. All products are available on Dr. Hauschka`s homepage. 


1) Cleansing Cream

Dr.Hauschka Gesichtswaschcreme USA

The magic ingredient in this cleanser ( $26.95)  is the sweet almond seed meal, obtained when sweet almonds (nut +shell) are pressed to obtain oil. Gentle for even the most sensitive skin, this cleanser binds and removes oil, perspiration and dirt particles from your skin. The unique “press & roll” application method stimulates your skin`s ability to cleanse itself, lifting away dead skin. What else could you ask for?

2) Facial Toner



Kidney vetch, a member of the legume family, is the key plant in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and this toner ( $34.95).  This toner can be used for even irritated skin, minimizing the appearance of pores. It can also be used throughout the day to refresh forming a perfect base for your moisturizer.

3) Revitalizing Day Cream + Rose Day Cream

The Revitalizing Day Cream ( $39.95) is the first of a two-step -moisturizer -procedure when using Dr. Hauschka Skin Care line.  Its wild carrot oil makes your skin soft and supple. After applying this one you layer it with the Rose Day Cream ($42.95). Extracts of rose petals and wild rose hips nourish your dry skin while shea butter, rose petal wax  and avocado oil help to retain the moist.

Interesting Fact: 30 rosé flowers go into one tube!!

Dr.Hauschka Gesichtswaschcreme USA




Dr.Hauschka Rosencreme USA


PS: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care does not recommend using mositurizers at night!

PPS: Your make up should be fluid, not a Mineral powder, that absorbs oil that your skin barely has.

Extra tips

  •  Use a humidifier, especially in winter or if you are living in cities with high altitudes, like Denver (CO).
  •  Reduce your bath/ shower time to 10 mins max. and use lukewarm water instead of hot water which will dry out your skin even more.
  •  Don`t rub skin when toweling dry.
  •  Try to apply your moisturizer immediately after your shower, while your skin is still damp. This will seal in the moisture.
  •  Avoid fabric softeners and try to use fragrance-free detergent ( e.g. The Honest Co. Laundry Detergent)



First of all, don`t worry if you have a skin that requires care for two needs: dry areas (cheeks) that need mositure and oily areas ( forehead, nose, chin–>T-Zone) that need to be mattified, this is the most prevalent skin type! Still it can be a real challenge to fight dryness and wrinkles while at the same time to control your oil. Here I found some products that can make the nearly impossible possible.  Melvita is a French organic beauty care line, that has been established in 1983. All products can be found on Melvita`s homepage, right here.

1) Purifying Cleansing Gel



This light and refreshing cleansing gel ( $21.99)  boasts with wasabi extract,  peppermint hydrolat and birch sap. All of these ingrediens are certified organic and are  specially formulated for combination skin.

2) Lavender Officinales Floral Water


This fair trade floral water toner ( $17.99) is obtained by steam distillation of Lavendula augustifolia flowers. Grown at high altitudes, these flowers are protected from environmental pollution. A positive extra: This toner can also be used as a compress over a pimple to reduce inflammation.

3) Mattifying Balancing Fluid




This immedialtely absorbing, non-commedogenic fluid ($43.60) leaves your skin with a powdery finish while wasabi extract, zinc and peppermint hydrolat eliminate excess sebum.



Congrats! Your skin type is pretty easy to handle. But be careful: Do not exxagerate by using too many products. Your skin can bear a lot but it has its limits too – believe me! KORA Organics, an Australian ECOCERT certified skin care line that has been created by topmodel Miranda Kerr, is vegan and has not been tested on animals. The key ingredient is the None Extract. Proponents claim that this plant can not only reduce inflammation but also treat cancer, depression, diabetes, colds etc. Miranda Kerr herself uses the three step system ($159.95) to keep her skin hydrated and fresh. And who knows better how to look gorgeous than her, seriously! Shop the 3 Step system here.


” I use our simple 3 Step System of 1. cleanse 2. mist (tone) and 3. moisturise morning and night. It is the foundation for beautiful skin as it balances, renews and beautifies.” – Miranda



I chose the 3 Step System for normal and sensitive skin to be the best because you can just not go wrong when you use sensitive skin care products for normal skin. It contains the following:

1) Cream Cleanser


This cream cleanser ($52) is ideal for normal, sensitive skin. It contains precious Noni extract ( Miranda’s all time favourite!) as well as aloe, sandalwood, rosehip, macadamia nut oil and avocado oil, leaving your skin angel-like soft.


2) Calming Lavender Mist



This, with Noni extract as well as essential oils  enriched mist ($44), is providing perfect antioxidant protection. But that`s not all. Thanks to lavender this mist also helps you to fall asleep faster, uplift your mood, calm your mind and body and finally reduce stress. What a thing!

3) Soothing Day and Night Cream


Vitamins, Noni extract, Lavender, Olive, Chamomile, Evening Primrose Oil and Pomegranate leave your skin super soft and in balance with this mositurizer ( $64).


Now, after chosing your product, there are some more tips that I highly recommend to follow- for any skin type! The best and organic cream can not do its job if you living your life like a rockstar. So here we go:

  1. Tanning without suncream is a no-go! Or do you want to have age spots, wrinkles or lines caused by premature aging?
  2. Limit your amount of Cosmpolitans and other (sweet) alcoholic beverages- and your body will thank you with a shiny and firm skin!
  3. Stop smoking unless you are really into leathery skin.
  4. Don`t use too many products at one time (especially from different series). This will just irritate your skin.
  5. Eat healthy! Include veggies, lots of fruit and even more water into your daily meal plan! My secret: coconut water and green tea, soo delicious and helathy