Your local Walgreens has turned into plush city and everything is coated in chocolate or covered in pink heart wrapping, yup Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Unfortunately, you don’t have a date. Its no big. There are plenty of things to do that don’t require a love interest. And even a few fun things to do solo.

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day experiences was a few years back. I was single for the first time in five years. I planned to just stay indoors and ignore the holiday, but my sister had an even better idea. We threw a Valentine’s Day singles pajama party. It was nothing crazy, just a few people hanging out watching silly movies (i.e. Napoleon Dynamite) and eating pizza. I met some cool new people and there was no pressure to “connect” with anyone. Try inviting a few platonic co-eds over to hang out, if everyone brings someone (of a friendly variety only) it can be fun way to meet new people.


If you do desire to make a love connection, lots of places, like cafés host singles events where you can meet a potential new boo. I’ve never been speed dating but I could see how it could be an enjoyable occasion. Worst case scenario, you will have a few great stories to tell your grandkids. Speaking of kids, if you’re looking to make some extra cash, couples looking for babysitters can be a great way to do so.

Sittercity.com and Care.com are great resources to find sitting gigs. You may even get a reoccurring job. I baby sat for a single mom once and ended up being her nanny for three years.


Girl’s night out or in is always a great idea. Hanging with your best gal pals breeds laughter, happiness and great memories. Go out to dinner or check out a random movie with your best friend. If you want to avoid seeing other couples out, stay in, bake brownies and hit the Red Box. Betty Crocker makes delicious cookie brownie bars. My best friend and I did that almost every Valentine’s Day until I got a boyfriend. It was a blast every time.


If all of your friends are busy and you don’t feel like going out. Spend the day at home; doing the things you love to do the most. For me those things are, listening to music, reading magazines and cooking. It helps me relax and puts me in a great mood. What are your favorite things to do during downtime?

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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