Interviewing for a new job that you want is hard work and takes a lot of preparation. It is a scary process and something that all of us who are just graduating college are going through. At our young age, it is even harder to establish ourselves in this great big competitive world.

For those of you who are involved in making it big in the entertainment industry, specifically dance I have some tips for you on how to prepare for an audition. It is similar to getting ready for a job interview, but about 198,495,894 times more intense!


  •  Find out date and time of audition of course
  •  Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the sign-in time (I like to be there an hour before though just in case)
  • If it is a singing audition be warming up your vocal cords ahead of time
  •  If it is a dance audition, make sure you are fully warm and stretched
  • Bring ALL forms of dance shoes, even if they say you only need ballet shoes, you bring everything just in case
  • Research info about the company you are auditioning for and know everything the job entails ahead of time
  • Bring all types of dance attire, you never know if they want to see you in a leotard or something more casual, just make sure it is form fitting
  • Wear and bring makeup that highlights your facial features
  •  Have your hair pulled back so they can see your beautiful face
  • Always bring at least two resumes and head shots
  • Even if it is a dance call, have a few songs to sing in case they want to hear your voice
  • Be polite to the judges and more importantly be polite to the fellow dancers, you never know who is watching to see if you are outgoing or snobby



So for those of you who are in the entertainment industry and are trying to make it big, these tips will help you prepare and feel more confident. It is all about how you present yourself starting the minute you walk in that door. Always remember to be professional and courteous to others. Be prepared and tell yourself that you WILL get the part because you are amazing.

If you are a dancer, singer, or actor, how do you prepare for an audition? Share your tips with us below!