I think Zoe Saldana is one of the most underrated beauties and fashion icons out there in the celebrity world. She’s my absolute favorite actress and I adore her wardrobe because everything you see her in is stunning.

Where you’ve seen her: Her awesome lead female role as a stone-cold assassin in Columbiana. The smart and sassy Uhura, who is one of Spock’s top students  from Star Trek. You’ll be surprised by how many movies you’ve overlooked her in. She’s also in a few other not so popular films you may have heard of, such as Crossroads with Britney Spears and Drumline with Nick Cannon.

Whether dressing up for the red carpet or paparazzi catching Mrs. Saldana strolling casually on the street, Zoe’s sense of style is  sophisticated, sexy, and classy. She has this “less is more” type of look that I really like. Jewelry can really complete an outfit but she keeps her accessory selection to a minimum which allows her to draw more attention to her gorgeous outfits and beautiful glow that could outshine any diamond or gem stone any day.

Check out a few of my favorite looks: (To shop each item individually just click the outfit)

Look 1


Shop This Look: $26 – Jumper (Select Fashion), $36-Shoes (CharlotteRusse), $50 Clutch (Fossil)


Look 2


Shop This Look: $11 Tshirt, $35 Blazer, $33 White Jeans, $31 Black pumps, $11 Infinity Scarf


Look 3


Shop This Look: $29Dress, $43 Hosiery, $79 Black Pumps


Look 4


Shop This Look: $82, Emerald Dress, $26 Clutch, $22 Bracelet , $4 Ring, $5 Earrings


Look 5


Shop This Look: $26 White Blouse, $47 Black Skirt, $50 Sandals, $97 Python Handbag


So what’s your favorite look!

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