Style Guide: Spring Shoes

Goodbye snow boots and hello sandals!

The winter was rather intense here in Chicago, so I’m eager to sink my feet into a pair of open toe shoes. In fact, I’m wearing a pair as I type this. (My thirst is real). I post #TuesdayShoesday on one of my Instagram accounts so I’m always looking for fashionable footwear. I’m not a fan of cheap shoes because the longevity is nonexistent , but I encourage a good bargain. Quite a few of my fashion finds come from more affordable brands/retailers. So get your feet ready to fall in love and say hello to a good buy!

Cause a Scandal, Wear a gladiator!


Gladiator sandals have been on the scene for a few years, but they are still a must-have for sunny days. One of my favorite online retailers (you will see me reference them a lot) is They have all the trendy styles for a great price but (for the most part) a decent quality.

I always recommend investing in classic pieces. Gojane’s gladiator comes in a variety of colors, prints, leg lengths and both flats and heels.

Flirty Fun Flats


Cute and comfortable is every girl’s

dream. I personally love a dressy flat. I typically go for flats with modern details like a pointed toe, ankle strap or a gold accent. Basic solid ballet flats are always good to have also. The thing about flats of any kind (sandals, ballets, booties etc) is they wear and tear easily so I encourage to opt for a higher quality versus grabbing a $20 pair. Tory Burch’s flats are little expensive but well worth it. They last forever!

Tip: Sometimes wearing flats for long periods of time can hurt ,but adding insoles can alleviate the pain.

Style tip: matching your shoes to your makeup (i.e.: pink lips and pink ballets) is great way to add color to a monochrome outfit.

Catch a butterfly in your Sophia WEBster


OMG! By a show of hands, who else is obsessed with Sophia Webster’s butterfly sandals? *waves hand crazily* I don’t own a pair (yet) but her designs are amazing. I equate her with my beloved Melody Ehsani on creativity. Normally, I only speak from experience but I think these shoes deserve an honorable mention.

Pump it up!


Spring is the season of weddings, graduations and other events that require dressier attire. Classic nude or black pumps are cool, but I think we’ve established I dare to be different. Some of the trends to pump up your pumps are cap toe, clear pumps, color block, ankle straps, prints, cut outs and detailed back heel.

Style tip: Don’t be afraid to take shoes to be customized for a polished look. Find a shoe tailor that can stretch shoes or adjust straps. Very rarely does a shoe fit perfectly but a few tweaks here can give you the flawless fit.

I’m considering doing a part two because there’s so much I want to share with you guys!

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