As winter is beginning to fade away and spring is nearer a change in style is approaching.  Yes, the time to switch it up is getting nearer but instead of focusing on clothes let’s put our attention elsewhere. Lets focus on hairstyles because they can be pretty difficult to maintain in the warmer weather.  In other words, the heat makes “pretty” very difficult for hair and we’re allotted  one of two options: Frizzy or boring hair.With those options a gal would  rather stay inside. Luckily for you there are ways to spice up a “loose do” or ponytail with the help of braids.

There are millions of braid styles to help one keep their hair, sweat and look, all in order for a perfect sunny day. Here are four easy styles that help you style it up and down for an outing.

Milk Maid Braid


It’s a pretty versatile look and beyond comfortable for the warmer seasons. Your hair completely out of your way and always in tact. Also, it can go with any outfit or day. You can go out for a night out on the town, date or on an errand with milkmaid braids. I would say that it’s best to style up this do with eyeliner and some gloss. It’s definitely not a look that calls for too much drama.

Side Braid


This look is definitely called for some relaxing and for ponytail aficionados.  I would say this look is for a lunch date or a quick fix for messy hair. It’s completely casual and allows you to have some hair over the shoulder. It allows you to play with your hair and readjust the braid whenever you see fit. Also, if you have bangs you can style them the way you normally do.

Bang Braid


Incase you love your hair down, don’t get too much frizz but get sweaty bangs in the summer, a bang braid is totally made for you. You get the free dome to braid it sideways or straight back and have your locks curled or pinned straight. Also, your bangs are away from your sweaty forehead and still looking fab on your way to a pay, event or shopping adventure.

Bun Braid


If you  are looking for a more elegant braid for that swanky dinner or to go with that sparkly gown this braid  is calling you. A bun braid keeps every strand of your hair in tact from the front to the back. The hassle of bobby pins are still needed but not too much are required. Plus, it keeps your bun looking put together yet funky. It adds some spice to the perfect bun up top.

Now that you’re prepped for summer hair disasters; go get to practicing while there’s still a chill in he air.