We’ve all been there! You find a dress or top that you love but it is cut too low in the front or is completely backless so you have to go sans (French for without) a bra. Let’s be honest, NO ONE like to go braless. It creates self-consciousness you didn’t even know existed. And the constant adjustment of the girls is majorly annoying.*insert eye rolling emoji* The bra lab is a fab solution to any bra problem.
The patented design features a backless cup with interchangeable back and shoulder straps. The straps come in an array of designs from florals to solids and even leather (Hello inner- Rihanna). A few of the back straps are available in elaborate deigns such as the Bondi and St. Tropez Crochet designs.
They are perfect for open back tops because they are not only super stylish but undeniably intentional. I’ve found myself shopping for pieces that give me an opportunity to show off my back and shoulder straps. I’ve been able to wear styles that I could never wear before. I always avoided backless anything because I wasn’t comfortable going braless. Now there’s no limit on what I can wear! Even my most simplest outfits have become conversation starters.
Even when worn with a traditional closed back style, the shoulder straps add flair to the basic outfits. Take your tees to the next level with a shoulder strap worn diagonally or try the Parisian Pinstripes with layered tanks like I did.
What I love most about The Bra Lab products is that the customization is endless. Creativity is suggested. Mixing prints seems to be the trend that won’t die. And rightfully so! I have worn one floral strap with one pinstripe, a single solid white and so many other unique combos. The designers at TBL are always releasing new colors and styles. And with summer around the corner, I’m excited to discover new combinations!!!
Cup sizes range from AA-DDD in nude and black. Can you say diversity??? Women of all shapes and sizes can now wear all those pieces they were afraid to wear due to lack of support or lack of goods, in my case. I, personally feel a million times more confident when I have on a bra. And the bra is a good quality. Several of my gal pals, of various shapes and cup sizes, have invested in one and were surprised at the level of comfort. We all have limitless options without having to break the bank on fifteen different bras or uncustomizable 4 ways. I can create my own look based on what I’m wearing. How cool is that??
Even the Kardashian Klan has jumped on this convenient trend!
I want every bra wearing fashionista to have freedom in their bra life. Get 20% off any products at thebralab.com using my name in the coupon code box: porchea. Follow me and TBL on IG and tag us in your pictures! I want to be inspired by your strap solution styles!

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