Happy New Year!

Yea..yea..it’s a little to late for all that, but the year is still fresh and we’re all still scurrying around setting goals and dreaming up our most super perfect year.

For most of us we may be setting ourself up to totally bail out and return to usual old habits before the weather even breaks. So if your willpower alone isn’t enough to keep you on track, try these tips to help reinforce your resolutions and increase your odds this year.

Give  Yourself A Break

Stop overdoing it. You know what they say, it takes 30 days to break a habit or start a new one. So it doesn’t make since to go all out creating this huge list of things you want to do or change. It’s ok to start there, but trim it down to your top 3 or 5 and go with that. If you totally rock out your short list, start crossing off some of the other things on the list. But take it easy in the beginning.

Give Yourself 30 Days

So like I was saying…it takes 30 days to start or beak a habit. So for example if your goal is to go to the gym twice a week, keep in mind that you won’t just morph into this mighty gym junkie overnight. Give yourself some time and make it happen.

Tell The World

Share your goals with the people around you that care about you. This will help them and help you hold yourself accountable to stay true. If you know your mom will be checking in to make sure you’re drinking more water, and your great aunt has all her bingo chips on you finally starting that business you’ve been talking about, you just might make some progress that year.

Enlist Your Smartphone

Let’s face it, ¬†smartphones are becoming more and more of a crutch these days, I don’t even try to remember anyones number anymore. So why not use your phone to whip you in shape for your goals. There are tons of productivity apps and goal apps to help you get there. One of my favs is called Everest.

Reward Yourself

One of my goals this year is to treat myself way more often. So with this tip I’ll be setting myself up for 2for. While goal setting alone should be motivating enough, placing a small reward at the end of your journey could be just the push you need to get some results. You can do this two ways; set tiny rewards as reach small milestones or place a huge reward at the end. Either way it goes you’ll be doing something wonderful for yourself.

So go for it. I would love to hear what tips you have to get and stay on track to becoming a greater version of yourself this year.