She`s a hair Guru. Her friend and client Rihanna refers to her as “Ursie”. Her other high-class clients are celebrities like Mary J. Blige or Keyshia Cole. Last year she opened up her first salon in Brooklyn.

Who is this woman??

It`s the celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen. Her famous and courageous cuts like the so often imitated but never duplicated “Rihanna-Cut”, a side shaved hair style,  brought her tremendous success and it seems like there is no end – thankfully. Ladies, I´m proud to share my top 5 of her most outstanding hair creations. And who would represent Ursie`s trends better than her muse and friend Rihanna who is notorious for her trendsetting looks.

1) Ghetto Goth


The Ghetto Goth-Queen has risen: Rihanna surprised everyone on the New York Fashion Week last year when she showed off her 80’s inspired black pixie cut paired with some fierce extensions. She also wore this style in her video to the single “What now?” . Seems like designer Alexander Wang loved this mullet-mohawk mix too.

2) ICONic


That groundbreaking idea was iconic indeed! Presented with the first-ever AMA Icon Award RiRi initiated a huge debate about wearing the doobie on the red carpet. An upodo, usually worn at night to keep relaxed hair neat while sleeping.  Twitter was literally buzzing: Can you really wear a doobie wrap to the red campet? Yes you can!!

When asked about whose idea it was , Ursula Stephen answered: “It was actually Rihanna’s idea. She had her mind made up! Honestly, I was a little hesitant but I knew she could pull it off, so I was all for it.”

Well Ursie, we`re glad you didn`t back up!

3) The Ever So Often Imitated Sidecut


With her hair shaved on one side, Ursula Stephen created Rihanna’s most distinguishable look ever: The so called “Rihanna-Cut”. Women all over the world started to imitate that fearless look. Even celebrities like Kesha, Cassie and Mel B. picked up the razor.

4) Red


Could it be more dramatic and bold? I don’t think so. With her red hair, Rihanna showed the world that it`s time for a hair- volution:

” With my hair I was ready for something new, something loud, something expressive and something fun. I’d had blonde hair and it was so boring for me. Black is still my favorite color, but this time I wanted something edgier because I don’t like the edgy clothes any more. I guess I had to take the edge to somewhere else — my hair!”

PS: For all those who have always wanted to take that step and dye one`s hair red, Ursula has a surprise. The Salon will offer specials for the entire month. What are you waiting for ? Go Red!

5) Fresh off the Runway


Ok, the Victorias`s Secret Show is gigantic and the models are bombshells. But Rihanna`s Old Hollywood inspired look was at least as hot and angel-like when she performed at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City on November 7th, 2012.

PS: Ursula Stephen is currently looking for talented team players for her salon in Brooklyn. if you are interested, make a phone call:  347.457.5834 or email:

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

For more news check out Ursula`s Facebook and Twitter account.



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