One of FGI’s first blog post was a piece by the beautiful and amazingly fit Taylor, she discussed dream jobs in the fashion industry.

Working in the fashion industry is definitely fun but it takes a lot of work. It isn’t all filming tutorials and telling people what to wear. I personally worked eleven years (since I was a teenager) and went to school for four to study my craft, but that path is not for everyone. I’m asked on a regular basis by people that desire to work in fashion is it necessary to go to school to make it fashion.

It depends on your definition of success and how hard you are willing to work. Either way it is challenging. For me, the decision to go to fashion school has been very beneficial. I have made some great connection through school and learned A LOT. One of the things I learned was that I didn’t want to be a fashion designer. I can’t sew. I’m not a spider, but I am good at other things. I learned that through educating myself. If it wasn’t for school, I would be somewhere still trying to sew a straight line.

I still communicate with most of my former instructors because they are working fashion professionals. I recently spoke with the fashion merchandising program chair, Susan Wade, at my alma mater on this topic. In her opinion you can do well in fashion, but

“you have to be focused, a good self-directed learner and not afraid to make mistakes. A degree will provide you with direction, networking and industry skill that will put you a step above the rest.”

Another major factor is the specific career you are after. You may be a natural photographer or a talented fashion sketcher. There is a wide range of careers in fashion. The key is to find the one perfect for your unique skill set. I love fashion and I’m a grammar fanatic, so fashion blogger works for me.

Maybe you like to write and your composition needs a little assistance. Some colleges offer affordable writing classes that will help you perfect your writing skills. Education doesn’t need to be a full blown four year degree. Unless you desire to be a buyer , that requires training. Lots of math and formulas! But “school” can be studying street fashion or the late issue of Vogue.

Share your success stories below.